Dubenec č.p. 1
544 55 Dubenec

tel.: 604 274 008,
        603 257 405




Let us treat you and choose one from prepared packages:

Golf weekend

A beautiful landscape, peace and quiet in the countryside and nearby golf course is the perfect relaxation for you.

Romantic weekend

There is a night in the old vicarage building, restaurant with delicious food, relaxing music and friendly staff; private wellness with scented candles, hot tub and infra sauna. This is a dream for romantic souls.

Giant Mountains- package

This package will introduce you to Giant Mountain area and its close surroundings. You will visit the most important places in the region; will taste regional food and drinks; more information at

Seniors welcome!

At least one person over 60

Enjoy yourself in the Guest House “Vicarage”. Treat yourself in a private wellness with hot tub and infra sauna.

Relax package

In this hectic and rush time we often forget to relax. Our package offers perfect combination of quality accommodation, wellness and relaxing.